Symbolic Calculator App Reviews

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Awesome tool

I was looking for a calculator where I could keep track of variables, be able to do symbolic as well as numerics, and wanted it to be easy to use (not need to “program” anything.) I first used this on my iPhone. It was great. Just started using it on my computer. Very simple to use, numerical and symbolic calculator. The plotting function is a breeze and useful for quick verification of work. Definitely recommend it.

very nice version

Ive been using maxima on my Mac and Symbolic Calculator on my iPhone. Now I can use one math package on both machines. Id give it five stars, except entering an invalid expression seems to hang the program. (Try solve(x-2,x).

Best Calculator App

I’ve had this app on my iPhone for the last couple of years and it is BY FAR the best calculator app. I usually used my TI-89 for my undergraduate engineering work and this app (iphone and mac) completely replace it! I could not recommend this more.

Best Calculator Ever

I bought this for my iPhone a long time ago and can’t wait for this to finish downloading. Helped me through so many math problems, especially figuring out steps and checking my work for trigonometric equations and calculus. So happy it’s on OSX now! Now you just need it on Windows so I can use it at work. Thank you so much!

Handy tool for a math professor

This is a great little app for the price. It can do everything I need in a calculator as a math professor.

Exactly what I needed, but...

This is perfect for algebra class. I haven’t taken algebra since 1993 and needed a good tool, this turned out to be the exact tool I needed. The only issue I have found is that once you delete a session, any session, the software stops letting you quit, you have to force quit. I also found that creating a new session populates the new session with the equations from the deleted session. No major issue, just annoying. Also, it is nice that you can switch an answer from symbolic to numeric, it would be nice to be able to switch it back.

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